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The publisher and the manager of the website (hereinafter: the website) is Jezikovno Mesto d.o.o. Language Services (hereinafter: the manager), with the head office of the company at Vojkova 58, Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereinafter: business address). As part of its activity, the company offers language education, which takes place in the form of classical group courses at the company's headquarters, at the address of the addressee and on line courses. Subject Operating Terms applies to all site visitors and users of  services (hereinafter: customer). By using this site and / or by purchasing a manager service, the client agrees with these Terms and Conditions and accepts them in its entirety. Use of photographs, videos, graphic elements, logos and texts located on the site is not allowed without the prior written permission of the administrator. It is forbidden to use any information on the site for the purposes of criminal offenses. It is forbidden to send mass mail (spam) to the addresses listed on the site. The administrator reserves the right to change the information on the website and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by incorrect information.


The client applies for language education via online form, email or by phone. It does not yet acquire rights to use the services, but only acquires them through the payment for education or training. The customer receives a payment invoice on his / her email address. By paying the service, the customer confirms that he / she is acquainted with the full text of the Terms of Business and agrees with them.

In order to confirm the application, the client must pay the costs no later than 3 (three) days before the start of the exchange rate, when the enrollment is expected to be completed. The amount on the basis of the received prepayment is settled by the customer on the transaction account of the manager by bank transfer or UPN form. The transfer information is indicated on the pro forma invoice.


Students enrolled in the course may cancel the course if they inform the language school Jezikovno Mesto within 15 days from the date of registration (written confirmation that they intend to attend the course) that they withdraw from the course.

Notwithstanding the right of cancellation, the customer must pay for those services that have already been provided.

In this case, it shall bear the cost of running the course which was applied until the cancellation of the contract and the material used. The termination shall take effect when the party gives written notice of withdrawal.


Notwithstanding the right of cancellation, the customer must pay for those services that have already been provided. In this case, it shall bear the cost of running the course, which was applied until the cancellation of the contract and the material used by the client. The cost of completing the course, which the client is obliged to pay in the event of cancellation, is calculated in proportion to the enrollment fee for the entire course. (Example: the course lasts 40 hours and the enrollment fee is € 320. The client announces that he / she withdraws from the course after the course has been completed for a period of 6 hours. The client must pay a partial registration fee of € 48). The costs of materials (textbooks, photocopies, CDs, USBs and other didactic materials) are charged at market prices if the client has already used them, has not returned them and cannot be fully reused. The termination takes effect when the customer sends a written notice of withdrawal.


No later cancellation of the contract is possible, except in the case of illness longer than 30 days, which is proved by the client's medical certificates that for a period of more than 30 days he or she was unable to attend the course for medical reasons (no medical diagnosis is required). In this case, the client is offered a replacement, if possible within 12 months. In the event that the contractor cannot provide a replacement performance, the client shall be reimbursed a proportionate share of the payment of the subscription fee in respect of the absence.


In the event that the client ceases to attend the course (except for the above circumstances), the service is performed as agreed and the client is obliged to fulfill all obligations arising from the performance of the agreed service.


The client is not entitled to a refund when the course has already begun and the course cancellation period has expired and because of his or her personal circumstances, he or she is no longer willing or able to attend.


The manager reserves the right to cancel, postpone or suspend the course in case of insufficient number of participants increases the cost of education in consultation with clients. At least 5 (five) registered persons are considered to be the minimum number of participants required to take the course regularly. When a client leases an individual language course and the course is canceled due to insufficient number of participants, the manager reimburses the client in full.

All schedules agreed by the manager are subject to the availability of suitable teaching staff, the availability of the facilities in which the courses are held, and the number of students enrolled. The manager works diligently to find compensation in the absence of a teacher. Clients are not entitled to be instructed by a particular teacher. The manager will offer alternate lessons for each language lesson that must have been canceled. If this is not possible, the manager will immediately inform the client and at the end of the course reimburse the costs of all lessons paid and not completed.


The manager reserves the right to change the schedule and is obliged to inform the client at least 2 (two) days in advance.


The manager reserves the right to assign the client to the group on the basis of the testing, according to the appropriate level of his / her knowledge, which may differ from the level of knowledge to which the client has applied.


The site can be linked to third party websites through links or other methods. The administrator has no influence over the content of these web pages and is not responsible for them. The manager is distancing from websites that are offensive or offering unlawful content. The terms and conditions of the website owners that the site links to are valid with these Terms of Business.


The personal data of the clients will be kept for internal processing and for the manager's own promotional purposes in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). If the customer does not wish to receive managerial promotional materials in physical and / or electronic form, he must communicate this to the manager's business address or by e-mail to

The administrator ensures a high level of personal data protection and undertakes to store all received personal data carefully and only to analyse customer data, send offers, promotional material, invitations to events, e-newsletters and telephone and electronic surveys, and without consent individual data subjects will not be forwarded to third parties.

Clients with their application to language education or by means of a completed information form, allow the processing of their personal data and data from the persons who they have provided for the purpose described above. Persons listed in the application form have the right to access their personal information and the right to repair or update their information or to require the administrator to permanently or temporarily discontinue use of their personal information.

For the purposes of doing business on the site, the manager collects customer data, usually limited to the first and last name, e-mail address, address and place of residence, contact telephone number and some other data that users enter into forms on the site.

The administrator is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered by the clients.

The data collected and processed on the site will only be disclosed if such an obligation is specified in the law or in good faith that such action is necessary for proceedings before courts or other state authorities and for the protection and realisation of the legitimate interests of the manager.


The site uses cookies to help improve your user experience, track statistics on visits, and enable the use of social media plug-ins. By continuing to visit the site, you agree to the use of cookies. In the event of disagreement, please leave the site.



The administrator assumes no responsibility for the availability and accessibility of the site. The administrator is not responsible for any data loss and other inconvenience resulting from the unauthorized hacking of the site.

The content of the site is prepared with the utmost care and precision. However, as content changes frequently, the administrator reserves the right to change the content and allow possibility for errors in data entry or delays in updating information. The administrator is not responsible for any damages that could result from inaccuracy of the information on the site.

The administrator accepts no responsibility for the failure to achieve certain instructional and course-related goals. The administrator cannot take responsibility for the actions of the teacher if he or she acts on his / her own decision. However, this does not affect the liability of the administrator arising from mandatory legal provisions.

For the courses learning on distance, the client agrees to have the appropriate technical requirements (computer capacity, internet connection speed, etc.) prescribed by the manager prior to the start of the course.


Jezikovno Mesto complies with the regulations in force in the areas of consumer protection, protection of personal data and business operations on the market. In case of problems, the client can contact the company phone number Jezikovno Mesto 030 77 36 77, and can also submit a complaint to the following e-mail address: as soon as possible. In the absence of a mutually agreed solution, the court of jurisdiction in Ljubljana under Slovenian law is competent to settle all disputes.

Jezikovno Mesto does not recognize any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent to resolve consumer disputes that may be initiated by consumers under the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act (ZIRPS). This means that any disputes are settled before a competent court. Jezikovno Mesto as a provider of language services, in accordance with Article 32 (4) of the ZIRPS, publishes an electronic link to a platform for online settlement of consumer disputes:


Upon any change to these Terms of Business, the Manager will change the date of the last change accordingly. The manager is not oblige to inform you about changes.

In Ljubljana, 30. 3. 2020

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